FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The Fayetteville Police Department is still piecing together information about a suspected road rage incident.

Neighbors along Cliffdale Road said it was like a scene out of the Wild Wild West.

“Some car pulled up and shot all up and down the car and then took off,” resident Tomie Ann Walston said.

Walston captured video on her cellphone after Fayetteville police and paramedics arrived. In the video, a man is seen injured on the ground. His silver sedan was riddled with bullet holes. His passengers, that included a woman holding a baby, was seen talking to police.

“The fact that there was a baby in there and somebody still had the galls to shoot somebody,” Terryn Kickery, a neighbor, said unable to finish their thought.

Police said another car pulled drove next to the sedan and fired shots at the vehicle. All this happened just a short distance away from a school, rec center, and Post Office.

“I’m surprised the baby didn’t get shot. Because there are bullet holes in the back door as well,” Walston said. “Roll down your window and empty a clip into a car. It can’t be that serious,” Walston said.

CBS 17 saw a stray bullet that pierced through the living room walls of a nearby home while a mother and daughter were inside.

“I’m glad that school wasn’t in session. Because like I said, there is an elementary school with a rec center (and) a post office behind that,” Walston said. “You see people walking up and down this street, jogging everything all the time. That could have just about been anybody.”

“Nobody cares for life anymore. It just doesn’t make sense to me,” Kickery said.

The Fayetteville Police Department still has not made any arrests in the case.