SCOTLAND NECK, N.C. (WNCN) — Scotland Neck police say they’re investigating a second drive-by double shooting just three days after another drive-by shooting took place in the same area.

The first drive-by shooting happened Thursday around 10:15 a.m. near the intersection of 8th and Chestnut Street in Scotland Neck

Police said there were no injuries, but a home and two vehicles were damaged by the gunfire.

Saturday at about 11 p.m., police said the second drive-by shooting happened on Bynums Bridge Road, outside of Scotland Neck. Around 11:57 p.m., they say another shooting happened near the same intersection where Thursday’s shooting took place.

Reports say both homes were occupied at the time of the shootings and no one was injured from either shooting.

Police said both shootings are related and several individuals were charged in previous incidents.

Another shots-fired call came in the area of Fenner Street while police were working the second shooting. Officers believe this was a distraction to get them away from the second shooting.

Investigators said AR-style rifles and caliber handguns were used in the shootings.

The department said they are receiving limited information and asked residents to call the department if they know anything about the incidents.

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the Bynums Bridge Road incident.

The Scotland Neck Police Department is investigating the 8th and Chestnut Street incident.