‘Do not approach’: Bear spotted in town by Wilson police officer

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WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) – A bear spotted by a police officer has the Wilson Police Department reminding citizens what to do if they encounter one.

Wilson police posted an image of the bear on Facebook. Officer Curry spotted the animal by Electric Supply Company on Ward Boulevard between Woodrow Street S and Highway 301.

Wilson police said they haven’t seen many bears in the past and this one ran off without any incident.

But the Department wanted to make sure citizens know what to do in case they encounter a bear.

  1. Try to stay calm.

If you are one of the lucky people to have encountered the bear, observe it at a safe distance and appreciate the opportunity to see one of North Carolina’s largest native mammals.

2. Don’t run away.

Make the bear aware of your presence speaking in an assertive voice, clap your hands, wave your arms above your head to try to make yourself look bigger and make a lot of noise.

3. Back up and slowly walk away.

4. Keep children nearby.

5. Keep pets locked up.

6. Don’t approach a bear.

7. Never surround or corner a bear.

“If you happen to meet a bear at close range, back away slowly and make lots of noise,” the post reads.

Wilson police also said to never feed a bear.

Bear safety tips courtesy the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

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