New documents show new issues for the Wilson County town working to improve the quality of their water.

CBS 17 found Lucama was issued state violations after failing to send in water samples in September.

“Lucama has been on the receiving end of some notices of violation, because they have not met the standard that the state expects them to meet to protect the water quality for their citizens,” said North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Michael Regan.

State records found online did mention E. Coli and chlorine.

However, a letter from Lucama Town Administrator Tammy Keesler said: “The Town is not aware of any indication of high E. Coli and/or chlorine levels in Town water and has not received notification from the State.”

The Town of Lucama also sent CBS 17 results from Microbac, which is a water testing laboratory out of Fayetteville.

The paperwork showed total coliform, which includes bacteria, like E. Coli, were absent. But because of the state violation, the town must alert their water customers.

It lets people know the town is required to monitor the water for specific contaminants on a regular basis. 

But Lucama didn’t, which means it can’t be sure of the quality of the water. It will be tested monthly moving forward.

The notice also lets water customer know they don’t need to do anything at this time.

“The Town is aggressively working on water quality concerns and is working with the State to provide increased test results of water quality,” Keesler wrote.

According to the violation, Lucama will be penalized by the state, but it’s unclear what that penalty entails.

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