Dog lovers hope to see NC animal abuser registry law passed

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Janna Joyner has several fostered dogs, including 12-year-old, Susie. For two years, she’s taken care of Susie after finding her in Franklin County. 

“She was an abandonment case,” Joyner said. “They were living off the drywall and toilet water, unfortunately. It absolutely broke my heart. It’s just super rewarding for me to see her go from a 46-pound emaciated mess, to a loving, happy dog she is now.”

Nicole Kincaid with local non-profit, Cause for Paws, helps animals on the path to forever homes –especially those who may have come from abusive environments. 

“Some of these dogs have never seen a toy before,” Kincaid said. “Can you imagine being an older dog, and never getting to chew a bone, or play with a toy, or play with a ball?”

Now, both are behind a proposed bill that would create a public registry for convicted animal abusers.

Known as the North Carolina Animal Abuser Registry Act, according to the bill, after the first offense, the person and their photograph would be put on the registry for two years.

After a second offense, it would be on the registry for five years.

“Part of our check and balance when we’re adopting the dog out, have these people abused dogs,” Kincaid said. “Because currently, we check personal references, but there’s no place to see if these people have ever been convicted. Certainly, that would help.”

Both hope to see the bill passed.

“It’s just extremely long overdue, and there needs to be some sort of consequence for doing this to animals,” Joyner said. 

Offenders could also be required to give up their animals.

According to the bill, if passed, anyone who abuses an animal in North Carolina after January 1, 2020, would be added to a public database. 

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