RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A non-profit organization is calling on the community to help with the overwhelming amount of dogs in shelters.

Perfectly Imperfect Pups says rescues and shelters are in a state of emergency and desperately seeking help.

They say owner surrenders are the highest they have ever seen, while fostering, donating, and adopting are at an all-time low.

Local shelters are full and cannot take dogs without placement, PIP explains.

They say most rescues in the area are foster-based and need to place dogs in a temporary home because they don’t have a brick-and-mortar facility for dogs to be held.

PIP’s mission is to focus on dogs with special and high medical needs, and they need funding to afford surgeries and treatments.

Leaders with the organization say they can’t say yes to desperate shelters unless the public says yes to PIP too, and they can’t rescue more dogs without the resources to help them.

“Everyday I am being asked to take dogs… everyday, all day long, says Nicole Kincaid, Founder and Director of PIP. “All the stories are heartbreaking, all the scenarios are horrible and I can’t say yes without the space or funds. It breaks my heart every single time I have to say no, not knowing what that pup’s fate will be.”

She’s calling for fosters to take in some of their puppies, young adults, adults, seniors, dogs with higher medical needs and ‘PIP-abled dogs,’ which means they have special abilities such as being blind, deaf, or missing a leg.

Kincaid says fostering has no up-front cost because rescues pay for everything the dog might need like medical care, food and supplies.

“We are asking for people to please say yes to fostering, donating and volunteering,” Kincaid says. “The impact that yes will make is the difference between life and death for these dogs, so please say yes!”

Kincaid says those who are unable to foster can still help by donating or volunteering at their favorite rescues.

Visit Perfectly Imperfect Pups’ website to see dogs available for adoption and learn more about how you can help.