Wake Forest, N.C. (WNCN) – A traffic light at a busy intersection in Wake Forest is driving one man crazy, so he reached out to CBS 17 hoping to get answers. 

The intersection is Ligon Mill Road and South Main Street. 

In an email, driver Jerry Welch said traffic turning off Ligon Mill Road need a dedicated green turn light because he believes the current flashing yellow light is causing congestion. 

The North Carolina Department of Transportation sent a crew to the intersection after traffic anchor Laura Smith reached out hoping to get answers. 

In an email, spokesperson Aaron Moody said “our Wake District office has looked into the signal you inquired about and determined at this time based on traffic conditions, a green left turn signal is not warranted.”

But, Moody said the DOT’s traffic unit is working to adjust the timing of the light on Ligon Mill to help with traffic flow. 



“Also, we do anticipate the green turn signal becoming necessary eventually, so our district has asked our traffic unit to go ahead and design the green left turn so that it will be ready to install once it is deem warranted,” said NCDOT’s Aaron Moody.

CBS 17 is planning to stay on top of this story and will update it as changes take effect. 

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