RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — We’re seeing more electric vehicles on North Carolina roads and we can expect even more over the next few years, but is our electric grid prepared for the demand?

Duke Energy says it’s made upgrades to address the rising demand, like installing more clean energy generation.

“We’ve been doing improvements here in North Carolina for the last couple of years to make the grid more advanced, make it stronger,” said Jeff Brooks, spokesperson for Duke Energy.

The company says it’s identified $75 billion in infrastructure improvements that need to happen over the next decade to be ready for the demand and it’s requesting rate increases from the Utilities Commission to pay for those upgrades.

Brooks says that rate raises would be incremental so it doesn’t hit customers’ wallets as hard.

“We want to make all these improvements but we have to bring our customers along and make this beneficial to them,” Brooks said.

Duke Energy said the commission’s decision could happen late this summer or early in the fall.