DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — On Sunday various groups and businesses attended Durham’s first World Hemp Market.

The plant is legal but is often confused with marijuana.

Chocolate, shirts and lotion were some of the hemp-based products showcased at the market.

“We really want to break any misunderstandings and stigmas that are behind hemp and encourage people to understand how hemp can be used on a daily basis,” said Daniel Jordan, CEO of Green Growth Inc.

Jordan is working to bridge the gap between the hemp consumer and seller.

CBD is extracted from hemp. Advocates say it can help with anything from muscle aches to anxiety.

“We understand there is a cousin that’s known around and intertwined between the two, but we really want to define there is a difference,” said Jordan.

That cousin? Marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, but only marijuana gets users high.

“What is the law actually regulating? All it’s regulating is a single cannabinoid and that’s the difference between marijuana and hemp,” said Jeff Tacy, CEO of Franny’s Farmacy.

Franny’s Farmacy grows the CBD that’s in their products.

“We currently offer a women’s line, a baby line, a men’s line, a pet line, an edible line and a smokable line, and we make it all and it’s pretty awesome,” said Tacy.

But it hasn’t been without a fight.

“We got in early on an industry that has been in prohibition for 76 years. I mean we’re living and writing history right now.”

Advocates say they’re still working to break through misconceptions surrounding hemp.

They said events like Sunday’s help.

“Do you expect it to keep growing?” CBS 17’s Bridget Chapman asked Tacy.



“Absolutely,” answered Tacy. “We’re right on track and I think we’re going to keep on rolling and the future’s looking bright.”

Those against hemp say without wide federal oversight, there is no way of really knowing what’s inside CBD.

It can also be difficult for law enforcement to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana.