DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Panic. Gunshots. People running for their lives.

CBS 17 crews got an inside glimpse of the terror inside of The Streets of Southpoint as shots rang out in the mall on Black Friday.

Three people — including a child — were struck by bullets and were injured. Three others were hurt trying to escape.

Investigators have released 60 calls to 911 from that day.

“Multiple gunshots were fired inside of the mall,” one person told dispatchers. “It echoes, I couldn’t tell if it was coming from up or downstairs.”

Shots echoed through Southpoint mall on the busy shopping day after Thanksgiving, sending people sprinting for safety.

“We had some people run in saying there was an active shooting in the mall, so we’re all in the back,” one store clerk told 911.

“We’re in lock up and hide,” a different store employee said. “We just heard people screaming and yelling. We heard gunshots, so we’re locked up and we’re all in the backroom.”

“I have 78 people in my back room currently,” added another store worker.

People called 911 for help, wanting to know what was going on.

“We’re getting so many calls, literally hundreds of them,” one dispatcher told a concerned caller.

Loved ones also called in, on behalf of family and friends who were stuck inside and scared.

“I’m calling from New York, but my girlfriend is at Southpoint right now,” one caller said.

“My girlfriend is inside. I’m wondering what’s going on, what can I advise her?” asked another caller.

“My friends are in the bathroom at Southpoint mall in the Macy’s. They said they heard a bunch of running and screaming and they’re trapped in there,” explained a concerned friend.

People who called in didn’t know what to do or how to protect themselves.

“Let everyone know to stay put, stay calm, stay there for safety,” calmly said one dispatcher.

“Keep it locked and just stay as calm as you can,” advised another. “Stay as far away from any windows and get to the bottom as much as possible.”

Everyone knew there was danger.

People inside the mall did what they could to give police as much information as possible.

“I’m over at Southpoint where there was just a shooting,” said one caller. “There was a guy running through the woods by the IMAX.”

Thanks to witnesses and surveillance videos, Durham police were able to catch one of the suspects in the robbery-turned-shooting.

Police are still trying to locate a second suspect.