DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – While overall shootings may be down in Durham, some recent shootings in public places have involved gang members and dozens of gunshots have been fired at these scenes.

According to a search warrant, police found 61 rifle-type shell casings at the scene of a deadly shooting at the Circle K on Woodcroft Parkway on April 9.

According to the warrant, the shooting lasted for 6 to 7 seconds, and three people were shot. One of those victims died from their injuries.

The glass door at the Circle K was shot out and the warrant said it was highly probable that at least one of the rifles was fully automatic.

The warrant also said that all three who were shot were all members of a subset of the Eight Trey Crips Gang, called the OBN Crips.

The warrant said the OBN Crips have been identified as being responsible for multiple violent incidents in the city in the months and years leading up to this shooting, including murders, armed robberies, multiple shootings, vehicle thefts, etc.

CBS 17 asked Durham police if any arrests had been made in this case, but police said no further information was available.

CBS 17 asked Jim Stuit, Durham’s Gang Reduction Strategy Manager, if Durham has a gang problem.

“I would think so,” Stuit said. “The Crips and the Bloods are very active in Durham.”

Stuit told CBS 17 that as of August there are 2,064 validated gang members in Durham, according to the police department’s database.

He said one thing they are seeing is some young people in the community have started to form their own gangs.

“Sometimes it only lasts for a few weeks until maybe someone is arrested, or they move apart, but sometimes they grow,” Stuit said. “Some of our youth have excellent leadership capabilities, so they recruit and they’re able to get other youth to do things them.”

Markers for shell casings at the Circle K shooting in Durham in April that killed one person, and injured two others — all gang members, police said.

A study done by the Durham Gang Reduction Strategy in 2019 showed that 31 percent of court-involved youths in Durham are affiliated with a gang.

That is three to four times the percentage of youth in Guilford (9.7%), New Hanover (8%), and Cumberland (7%) counties with similar demographics.

“We know we’ve got an issue with gangs here in Durham,” Stuit said.

In an effort to address this, Stuit said members of the Durham Police Department, the Durham County Sheriff’s Office, and the Durham County District Attorney’s Office have formed a suppression group focused on the gang issue.

“Getting them together in a room, having them meeting face-to-face, sometimes they can resolve issues there and work together,” Stuit said.

In addition, Stuit said they are focusing their efforts with their gang intervention program on census tracts where high crime is occurring.

“What used to be a citywide effort, we’ve narrowed down to the census tracts where we know that the most gang violence is occurring,” Stuit said.

CBS 17 asked Durham Police how many shootings this year have been gang-related, but we are still waiting to hear back.