Aggressive driver known as ‘STAYUMBL’ testifies about bus incident in court

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DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Diana Mems, an aggressive driver best known as STAYUMBL, was in court in Durham County on Tuesday as she been recharged with careless driving traffic violations.

These violations involve an incident where Mems allegedly illegally passed a Durham Public Schools bus and stopped in the roadway in front of the bus.

In a video taken by the bus driver, Jacquanna Barrett-Laws and posted to social media, it shows Mems get out of the car and stand next to it filming the school bus.

On Tuesday, there were four witnesses who took the stand in the traffic court trial, including Mems.

The District Attorney’s office played the video taken by the bus driver.

Barrett-Laws testified that Mems illegally passed her bus and stopped in the roadway.

John Fitzpatrick, Mems’ defense attorney, argued the bus driver should not have taken video while behind the wheel and she likely shared the video for the attention.

But the bus driver testified that she didn’t take the video until after she stopped the bus. She said that she took the video to show Mems’ dangerous actions.

“It’s because I’m on a school bus, and I could have had anyone’s kids on my bus in this courtroom,” Barrett-Laws said. “When its dangerous to me or anyone that could be driving on this road, I’m going to record it like everyone else that records something they see that’s crazy.”

Durham police investigator took the stand to provide information about the investigation. Also, attorney Daniel Meier took the stand and said he also was a victim of Mems when she stopped in traffic in front of him as well.

Mems was the last witness to take the stand on Tuesday.

In her testimony, she said that the bus driver was honking at her before she decided to stop in front of the bus.

Mems said that she thought there might have been something wrong with her car, and that’s why she stopped in front of the bus.

The defense played cell phone video taken by Mems of the school bus driver following Mems and honking at her before she stopped.

“I was thinking, oh my gosh, is there something wrong with the back of my car?” Mems said. “And that’s basically why I went to slow down, with my left turn signal on. I said ‘ok, if its that bad and she is blaring the horn that badly, let me go ahead and stop.’”

Mems was recharged with three traffic violations for that incident including careless driving, illegal passing, and impeding traffic.

The three charges were dismissed last month when the witness, Barrett-Laws, failed to appear in court.

Mems was recharged when the District Attorney discovered that they had the wrong contact information for the witness.

As CBS 17 previously reported, court records turned up 34 traffic violations and at least 45 mug shots for Mems.

The trial will continue Wednesday morning at the Durham County Courthouse.

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