DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Durham police are investigating the armed robbery of a minor inside a store at The Streets at Southpoint that occurred back in February, according to a search warrant obtained by CBS 17 on Thursday.

The warrant, which was filed earlier this month, details the armed robbery that took place inside Urban Outfitters on Feb. 11 just after 6:30 p.m.

According to court documents, a boy under the age of 18 was inside the clothing store when two men walked in behind him and robbed him of his jewelry at gunpoint.

In follow-up interviews with detectives, the boy described his jewelry as “three large silver chains, two with gold pendants attached.”

He went on to say that the chains were unique because the pendants were custom made. The victim described one pendant as a “rose gold medallion printed with the words ‘mulah gang’ and the other as a yellow gold pendant printed with ’30 Billion,'” according to the warrant.

The victim was able to describe the suspects and what they were wearing at the time he was robbed. Investigators went to the store to pull surveillance video and were able to see the suspects that the victim described.

According to the warrant, “The security footage did not show any major deviations from the account [the victim] gave of the robbery to both initial responding patrol officers and [the investigator].”

About a week after the robbery, the investigator spoke with the victim again. During the conversation, the victim said “he had located photos of two men wearing his stolen pendants” on social media and sent the photos to police, the warrant said.

The photos, which were from Instagram, showed a man wearing both of the pendants and holding what appeared to be a black semi-automatic handgun.

The investigator was also sent a screengrab from a rap video that was made by a local rapper showing a heavyset man wearing the large “30 Billion” pendant during the video for the song “Blood on My Shoes.”



According to the warrant, the investigator working the case forwarded the pictures to the Durham Police Department’s Gang Unit who were then able to identify both men wearing the chains and pendants in the photos.

Court documents show that both men have a criminal history.

CBS 17 is not naming the men being investigated as suspects because neither has been charged with committing the armed robbery.