DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A two-centimeter drill bit came loose during a patient’s dental procedure. And ended up in a Duke Health’s patients lung.

Making matters even worse, the bit, that is sharp on one end, was accidentally inhaled “very far into his right lung,” Duke Health said in a post on Wednesday.

An interventional pulmonologist with Duke Health, Dr. Momen Wahidi, performed a procedure called a bronchoscopy, to remove it. Considering the size and sharpness of the bit, it made for a delicate procedure to dislodge it from the patient’s lung.

Dr. Wahili was successful and Duke Health said the patient was “ecstatic to avoid losing part of his lung.”

The patient, prior to this procedure, was told this object could not be removed without surgery.

According to Duke, a similar case happened last month in Illinois.