DURHAM, NC (WNCN) – Families who live on Eva Street in East Durham have dealt with a gun violence problem for years and they are hoping a new specialized unit created by Durham Police will help address it.

Ozgun Oral lives on Eva Street and he said he hears gunfire on a regular basis.

“We kind of got desensitized, I would go so far as to say maybe every other day now we hear gunfire, sometimes it’s close and sometimes it’s relatively far away,” Oral said.

CBS 17 spoke to one man who lives on Eva Street who did not want to be identified, but he sent us pictures of a bullet hole in his window where a bullet flew into his bedroom on December 18, 2021. He said it landed on his bed where he and his wife slept. Thankfully the two were not hurt.

Many families CBS 17 has spoken to said they are concerned about this ongoing problem.

Oral has lived on Eva Street for over a year and he said he does not feel safe.

“I don’t feel safe,” Oral said. “I don’t feel super comfortable going for a walk in the evenings, which is something I would love to do.”

During District’s Partners Against Crime (PAC) meeting on Saturday, Durham Police officials told community members that the intersection of Elm Street and Liberty Street, which is one block over from Eva Street, is a hot spot for drug and gang activity.

Police told community members this has led to some violence on Eva Street.

But some officers will soon start working in a second specialized unit the department is creating to help combat the growing problem of shootings in the city, which is an effort Chief Patrice Andrews first announced last week during a news conference.

“Members of the Durham Police Department will continue to work to identify effective methods and best practices to combat violent crime in the city,” Andrews said.

Andrews said this specialized unit will be focused on areas most impacted by gun violence.

Police officers have also told community members during the PAC meetings that the city of Durham’s neighborhood improvement services department is working to renovate some of the vacant homes near Eva Street and Elm Street, where some of the recent drug activity has taken place.

While some neighbors on Eva Street are hopeful these efforts will help address the problem with shootings, some think more should be done to address the root causes.

“I feel like these issues are more of a long-term investment,” Oral said.

So far this year in Durham there have been 205 shooting incidents, 72 people have been shot, and 17 individuals have died.