DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — After the killing of George Floyd, well over a thousand bills related to police reform were introduced nationwide in 2020.

That prompted Duke Law experts to create a new database that tracks all those pieces of legislation.

Police chiefs from across the Triangle joined together this past April in downtown Durham to discuss a bill aimed at recruiting more women to law enforcement.

“I think we need to really get rid of that stigma that’s associated with being a woman in this profession; that you have to be one of the guys and you don’t,” Durham Police Chief Patrice Andrews told CBS 17 on April 13.

That’s just one of the proposed reforms that will be listed in the Wilson Center for Science and Justice’s database.

“Pulling it all together enables having sort of a birds-eye view of everything that’s happening across the country, which is really, really unique and sort of cool to be able to do,” Wilson Center Policy Director Angie Weis Gammell said.

The database tracks federal, state, and local bills related to police and law enforcement. So far, it covers 2018 through last year.

“In response to George Floyd, we knew that there was this wave of activity,” Gammell said. “But there wasn’t an existing attempt to look at, in a comprehensive way, how much is actually being passed.”

Police-related legislation introduced nationwide skyrocketed to almost 1500 in 2020. The database shows 169 of those items became law. The numbers start to fall in the following years.

“The efforts that states have had to enact what I would consider reform legislation, there are also a number of states that have enacted sort of police-insulating legislation,” Gammell said.

Including topics like funding, use of force and body cameras, over 60 proposed reforms in North Carolina are listed in the database.

“If you are an advocate or an activist, it should be motivating in the sense that we need to continue to keep feet to the fire and pressing these issues and engaging legislators,” Gammell said.

The registry will be updated periodically.