DURHAM, N.C. — A late-night shooting in a Durham housing project takes the life of a teenager and has angered some community activists.

The shooting sent a barrage of gunfire across Ridgeway Terrace about 10:30 Wednesday night shattering the quiet of the evening.

Video showed scores of evidence markers scattered along Ridgeway Avenue following the shooting.

On Thursday morning, residents who lived nearby told CBS 17 they heard anywhere from six to 15 shots.

What happened angers community activists like Rafiq Zaidi.

“The onset of the frustration comes about because we had just had the night out on crime. I believe it was about 38 or 40 hours later that this young man was gunned down,” he said.

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The streets near the shooting are covered by several high-tech monitoring stations with multiple cameras, but Zaidi says high tech doesn’t replace proactive policing.

(Steve Sbraccia/CBS 17)

“What we want is boots on the ground,” he said. “We need some officers in the community, you know, on a constant basis, not just ringing around.”

“You must be in places like MacDougal consistently, walking the beat,” he said.

In addition to the 17-year-old man who was killed, a woman was injured.

Police say she wasn’t shot but won’t explain how she got hurt, only admitting her injuries were not life-threatening.

Those who live in the neighborhood are afraid to talk about what happened.

“We are restricted by fear in a community,” Zaidi said. “We are afraid to talk. We fear to give up the culprits that are committing these crimes, and most time, they out there in the neighborhood.”

One resident told CBS 17 that in the past, the neighborhood had been a hotbed of shootings, but things had quieted down for a while.

Now residents are worried about what the future holds.

Police are releasing little information about the shooting, saying it’s too active an investigation to give out more details.