DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A community center in Durham can no longer use its space after a break-in occurred on Monday.

The TA Grady Community Center is on Lakeland Street in Durham. The center holds the Jobs Plus Program and hosts community meetings for residents.

Officials said the building cannot be used since there are several thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Officials with the Durham Housing Authority said the community center had been broken into on Monday and there was extensive vandalism done to the building. 

Windows were broken, a new television monitor was broken, plates and cups were thrown everywhere, toilets and sinks were destroyed and someone even ripped a water fountain and stove from the walls.  

“The damage is just heartbreaking, considering we were having our community meetings here,” Aalayah Sanders said, the communications manager for the Durham Housing Authority. 

Sanders said that DHA will now have to find an alternative space to hold community meetings and the Jobs Plus Program. 

“We have a training room available at our main office and we also have used Burton Elementary which is just a block away, so we’re often looking for whatever partners and alternative spaces we can use for those programs, but we intend to move forward with those programs on schedule,” Sanders said. 

Sanders also said they have already begun efforts to place bids to see how much it will cost to fix the damage done to the center. She also said they are also looking at upgrading their security system. 

“We need to find out as soon as possible when we can get this building back open and safe for our partners and for our staff,” Sanders said. “It’s just very heartbreaking, knowing that we’re doing the best we can as an agency and to see the damage that’s done and obviously having to pull those resources to fix the issues and hoping it stays safe, its heartbreaking to me.” 

People who live at McDougald Terrace, such as resident president Ashley Canady, said she was also upset when she came to the center on Tuesday and saw the damage. 

“It really upset me, it just did something to me to see the extent of the damage that someone went to, to destroy a whole community center,” Canady said. 

Finally, the DHA said if anyone would like to make a donation to help pay for repairs to the community center, one can donate by making a check payable to DHA’s Resident Services nonprofit organization, ”Learning Assistance Inc.”

The check can be mailed to the Durham Housing Authority at 330 E Main St., Durham, N.C., 27701.