DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN)–Deon Gagum can’t help but smile when he thinks about his little brother, Jabari Williams.

“Jokester.  One thing that I was talking about earlier today is one thing he would always call you nephew,” he said smiling.

Williams was the youngest of five.  He graduated from Southern School of Energy and Sustainability in Durham in 2019.

“Two weeks ago, me, my brother and his girlfriend; I took them to vote for the first time,” Gagum mentioned.

Thursday, Gagum got the call no older brother wants to hear.

“I think I just got to Durham.  My mom called me.  She was crying, so immediately I knew something was wrong,” he explained.

While responding to a crash on South Street around 6:30 Thursday evening, officers found a man shot dead inside the vehicle.

It was Williams. he was 21-years-old. 

Gagum and his family are reliving the same nightmare from 15 years ago. 

In 2007, their oldest brother, JaQuienton Sellars, was killed.

“Same thing.  Gun violence.  He was murdered in Hillsborough.  15 years later, the case is still unsolved,” Gagum stated.

Sellars death inspired their mother, Sherry Williams, to start the organization Mothers of Murdered Kids, advocating for grieving moms and tougher gun laws.

Gagum said he not only wants to bring attention to Williams’ investigation, but to continue to his mom’s work of advocating for solutions.

“When are we going to put pressure on our elected officials.  Because I don’t want my brother’s death to be in vain.  I want us to actually do something,” he said.

Gagum said he would like to see background checks implemented.

He also said Williams was just a likeable guy.  He doesn’t know how this could have happened. 

Durham police said Friday that it is still an active investigation.