DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – The wife of a man ICE detained said her husband doesn’t have a criminal record and should be released.  

Maria does not know when she’ll see her husband again.  

“He called me and said he was arrested by immigration,’” Maria recalled. 

Through an interpreter, Maria tells CBS 17 that, last week, ICE officials drove around the neighborhood looking for someone else. That’s when they ran into her husband that morning as he loaded up his car for work. 

Maria said officials questioned him, then put him in custody, taking him to Raleigh. 

“I was crying so deeply,” she said. “I prayed for him not to deport him. I told him what’s going on with my baby.” 

Their 3-week-old baby was born prematurely. Maria is on bed rest at home and hasn’t seen her child, who is still at the hospital, in days.

“Immigration officers, they are so rude,” she said. “My partner told me that on his way to Raleigh, he was trying to tell them this is my baby, this is what’s happening. They took the phone away. They didn’t even look at it. So they were rude to him.”  

Maria talked to her husband Thursday morning. She tells CBS 17 officials have moved him to Georgia.  

Now, Maria is trying to raise two children on her own.  

“[ICE officials] don’t have a heart,” she said. “We’re suffering.” 

ICE tells CBS 17 more than 200 people were arrested in the state last week, calling it the “new normal.”  Maria said her partner’s bond has been raised to $15,000. 

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