PREWITT, N.M. (WNCN) — A man who was killed as a result of a scuffle with a New Mexico State police officer in mid-April was identified on Thursday as 26-year-old Oliver Ashley Toledo Saldivar, a suspect in a Durham homicide.

Saldivar was a suspect in the April 12 killing of Karla Yadira Jaramillo Noyola in Durham, police said.

That was just days before he was pronounced dead following the April 16 altercation with an officer.

The lead-up to Saldivar’s death was a welfare check on Interstate-40 near Prewitt, New Mexico, at approximately 11:56 that morning.

The officer involved, officer Corey Newman, was dispatched to check on Saldivar, who was seen slumped over the steering wheel of a brown BMW.

Newman asked Saldivar to stand next to his patrol car while he gathered some information. Saldivar then reached for “a black object” that was concealed in his jacket pocket, police said. At this point, Newman created distance and drew his weapon, a New Mexico State police statement released Thursday said.

Saldivar charged at Newman, tackling him to the ground.

Police said the officer fired at least one shot during the attack and struck Saldivar.

After the gunshot was fired, Saldivar continued to fight the officer and tried to grab the officer’s gun. As the two struggled, Saldivar bit the back of the officer’s left arm and managed to retrieve a gun from his jacket.

Newman wrestled the suspect’s gun away from him and threw it to the side, police said in their Thursday release.

Once the suspect was in custody, with the help of a trucker passing by, Newman called for an ambulance and began giving medical aid to Saldivar.

Succumbing to his injuries, Saldivar was pronounced dead at the scene by the Office of the Medical Investigator.

Durham police said charges had not been filed against Saldivar in the April 12 killing but had been “initially identified as a possible suspect.”

KRQE contributed to this story.