DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Durham leaders are looking at giving up to $3,000 in bonuses to city staff, following a strike that shut down trash services for a week.

On Monday night, sanitation and other city workers packed the city council meeting to ask for bonuses of up to $5,000.  

“It’s not sufficient to what we asked was is significantly lower than what we asked for,” solid waste employee Herman Moore said. “The bonuses are great, but the bonuses a one time thing and it’ll be gone. We want raises in our annual pay as well.”

Following a sanitation strike that shut down trash services, Durham City Manager Wanda Page recently announced a bonus structure for all city employees:

  • $3,000 bonus for people with salaries less than $57,000 annually
  • $2,500 bonus for employees who make between $57,000-$90,000 annually
  • $2,000 bonus for employees who make more than $90,000 annually
  • $1,000 bonus for part-time employees

Durham city leaders will discuss the proposed bonuses in-depth during a work session on Thursday.

Gerald Wallace, who works in the city’s transportation department, said he, along with many of his colleagues, work multiple jobs to get by. 

“I actually work three different jobs. I love working for the city, but the way the cost of living, the prices of everything,” Wallace said. “[Bonuses] benefit all city employees. Fire, police, general services, public works, solid waste, water management

Mayor Pro Tem Mark-Anthony Middleton addressed the crowd Monday night while encouraging the crowd to return Thursday.

“We see you in the room. We thank you for your service,” Middleton said. “We thank you for keeping our city safe and clean and healthy and yes, you do deserve it.”