DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A Durham man was killed in a helicopter crash in West Virginia on Wednesday and was identified by the West Virginia State Police on Saturday, officials said.

On Wednesday just before 5 p.m., a helicopter crashed in Logan County, West Virginia, killing all six people on board, according to Nexstar affiliate WOWK-TV.

The helicopter crashed on rural Route 17 in West Virginia, about 3.7 miles from where the flight took off, according to investigators.

The NTSB Air Safety Investigator said the helicopter was in the air about 15 minutes before the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board said the flight was associated with the annual Huey Reunion event. Investigators say the flight was the last flight planned for the day.

The helicopter was recovered from the site Friday and was taken to a location in Atlanta for further examination, according to the NTSB. They expect the work at the scene to be completed in five to seven days.

One of the victims, Donald Sandhoff, 69, was from Durham.

Photo Courtesy: Jesse Skidmore

Those on board consisted of a pilot, three passengers and two pilot-rated passengers, according to the NTSB. It is unknown if Sandhoff was the pilot, passenger or a pilot-rated passenger.

An investigation is ongoing.