The death of DeAndre Ballard has sparked several protests around Durham since was killed Sept. 18.

The 23-year-old North Carolina Central University student died after he was shot at campus crossings apartments. 

No one has been charged in his death.

Wednesday, during a tour of the new headquarters for Durham police, Chief C.J. Davis talked to CBS 17’s Derrick Lewis for the first time about Ballard’s shooting.

“The only thing I can say is that particular case is still under investigation,” said Davis. “Unfortunately, I can’t go any deeper than that right now.”

N.C. Detective Agency, a security firm contracted with the apartment complex, has said one of its guards shot Ballard and the shooting was 100 percent justified.

CBS 17 asked Davis if there’s a message for the community that believes they haven’t heard much from police.

“The message is that I sincerely hope that the community has enough confidence, not just in our police department, but in my leadership to ensure, that an investigation is thorough, because that family deserves a thorough investigation and that the decisions that are made, are made after we have received all of the information that is needed, in order to reach an appropriate conclusion,” Davis said. 

CBS 17 talked to DeAndre Ballard’s mother, Ernisha, over the phone.

“I guess they’re just waiting until they get most of the evidence in there to make their decision,” she said.

After identifying Ballard in the shooting, Durham police have released 911 calls and a statement about why it took days to identify his body.

For now, the community and Ballard’s family continue to wait.

CBS 17 asked Ernisha Ballard if she has trust in the police department and the work that they are doing in the investigation.

“I’m not sure,” she responded. “I’m not sure.”

Supporters for DeAndre Ballard will be protesting again Saturday outside the Durham police department’s new headquarters during its grand opening.