DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Durham’s Belmont Apartment Complex has been the hot spot for two recent armed robberies, and on Saturday, city police arrested one suspect and the complex released a statement.

“Durham Police have shared that they have identified and arrested one of the persons responsible for the recent home invasions in our community. They will be making an official statement regarding his arrest this afternoon,” Belmont Apartments said in a release to residents. “We are grateful to the Durham Police for their efforts in bringing this investigation one step closer to being solved.”

On Feb. 11, five Duke University students were held hostage in their apartment and had nearly $12,000 in valuables stolen, including phones and laptops, an incident report revealed.

One of the victims said they were held for 90 minutes at gunpoint while suspects were stealing their bank account information, phones, wallets, and laptops, and eventually got away with the victim’s car after stealing her keys.



The second incident happened on March 3 when two residents were returning home and were “approached by two armed men” outside, who then “forced their way into the residents’ home and stole electronics and attempted to steal bank funds,” complex officials said. They also described this robbery as “similar to the incident that occurred last month.”

The apartment complex has upped its security measures and said it is going to continue keeping them in place while Durham police continue working on these active cases.

Belmont Apartments have currently made these safety measures changes, according to its statement:

  • The back pedestrian gate will remain locked for the time being;
  • Lolair Security will continue escorting you to your door when you arrive after 8PM. To request an escort from Lolair, please call (919) 257-3547;
  • Remember to set your alarms and know the location of your panic button located in the primary bedroom;
  • Please continue to be aware of your surroundings when arriving home;
  • Report any suspicious behavior to Durham Police at (919) 560-2600.