DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Thursday evening was a moment of reflection, but also a plea for answers.

“I never grow numb to the loss because I desperately want it to stop,” said Dr. Pascal Mubenga, Durham Public Schools Superintendent.

Mubenga shared his thoughts during the school board meeting, as gun violence impacts the DPS community once again.

“Any time you get a call from a principal you wonder what else can we do,” Mubenga mentioned.

On Tuesday, two teens were shot and killed, and another was injured near Brogden Middle School.

About a month ago, two Hillside High School students were shot on the American Tobacco Trail near the campus.

“What I do encourage this district is to not to wait for anybody else. To be the force behind for what we decide to do to take care of our own children,” said Wendell Tabb.

Tabb worked for more than 30 years at Hillside as its drama teacher.

“What I’m asking is for DPS at least do something that recognizes for the students and in front of the students what happened, and this isn’t what we are,” one parent said.

Mubenga said figuring out what to do next is going to take the help of the community.

“We have to face it and then we have to answer it with what the community is going to do about it,” Mubenga said. “Our thoughts and our prayers are with these families as we find ways to be able to address this phenomenon that’s been reeling in our community,” he stated.