DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Some families who live in north Durham are concerned about a proposed housing development that would be located next to West Point on the Eno Park.

Developer Keith Brown is proposing to build about 380 homes next to the park. The development includes 278 townhomes and 101 single-family units on an area just south of the West Point on the Eno Park.

“It’s a beautiful area,” Brown said. “It’s an area where people can build some homes they’ll enjoy living in.”

However, residents who live nearby have formed a group opposing the idea.

Christy Benson is one resident who is concerned about the impact the development will have on the park and her neighborhood.

A map of the park and where the new development is planned.

“It’s set to have a dramatic impact where we’re already seeing a lot of flooding,” Benson said.

Benson said flooding is her biggest concern when it comes to this project, as she said the park already floods when it rains.

Benson said there is also a concern for homes in Argonne Hills where residents also see rising levels of water when it storms.

“If we have a development of 380 more homes, that’s going to make that water problem a lot worse than it is,” Benson said.

Families in the area are also concerned that these new homes could bring added traffic to the area and that it will negatively impact the river habitat.

“Our group is really asking the city to take a closer look at this,” Benson said.

But Brown said there will not be any additional flooding that will occur as a result of this development project.

“The water for this property will have to be contained on the property, that’s the way that all developments are done today,” Brown said.

Brown, the developer, said there will also be no negative environmental impact on the river habitat either.

He said he chose to build in the area because there is a need for more affordable housing.

“Someone is going to develop that property and we’re going to be the ones that do the best job,” Brown said.

The city of Durham’s planning department is still reviewing the proposal.

The families who are concerned about the development have started an online petition to try to stop the development from happening.

For more information on the residents’ concerns click here for the website.

Also, here is a link to the petition that has been started.