DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A restaurant in Durham is bringing attention to the growing city as it has landed itself on Yelp’s Top 100 list for the best burger in America.

When you think burger, you may think big, juicy meat patty, smashed between two buns, with oozing cheese and toppings falling out from all sides. But for Durham’s burger, you’ll find yourself at Chinese restaurant Sister Liu’s Kitchen.

Sister Liu’s Kitchen is a homestyle northeastern Chinese Food restaurant with food made by hand with family recipes that opened up shop in Durham, according to its website.

Its burger, that landed it in the spotlight, is a $8.45 pork burger, according to Nexstar.

The restaurant also offers a beef and vegan burger — but is known for its cooked dumplings. Sister Liu’s Kitchen has 13 dumpling combinations and sells them frozen by the pound so customers can make them at home.

There are no descriptions for the burgers on its menu, other than “Chinese Burger 馍”. In its picture, the pork appears glazed between two butter-toasted buns with a green garnish. It’s some mystery good enough for seventh-best in the world.