DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Durham County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead is hitting the airwaves.

Well, sort of.

The sheriff’s office announced Tuesday that a monthly podcast called “Star Talk” will be the sheriff’s latest tool to engage with the community. It comes on the heels of a conversation series called “Sheriff Speaks” which was held throughout 2022 inside some of Durham’s public libraries.

This new initiative, the sheriff’s office said, will “give the community information on sheriff’s office services and encourages feedback from residents.”

To assist in the production of the podcast, the sheriff has enlisted the help of North Carolina Central University’s communications department.

After months of planning, the project is up and running with the help of NCCU’s support.

The first edition of the podcast is accessible online now which features Birkhead discussing the history of the office of the sheriff, the history of Durham County’s Sheriff’s Office, and more on the agency’s responsibilities in the community.

Future episodes, the announcement said, will discuss specific operations of the office.



The podcast is available across nine platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon music.

As the podcast develops, the sheriff’s office said it hopes to utilize the university’s studio space and equipment in the future while getting technical support from student interns.

“Reaching an ever-changing world requires creative solutions and that’s why we will continue utilizing both new and existing communication technologies to share the news of our office,” said Sheriff Birkhead. “Whether via traditional broadcast media or the next digital service, we will meet people where they are by connecting with them – on their personal devices at a time that is convenient to them. We look forward to hearing feedback from listeners as well as suggestions about what topics are important to them so we can plan for future broadcasts.”