DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Overall shootings in Durham are down compared to last year, but the number of people killed has remained the same, according to the latest data from the Durham Police Department.

According to DPD, 35 people were shot and killed in Durham through November 5 of this year, which is the same as through November 5, 2021.

That does not include a 16-year-old who was shot and killed on Sima Avenue Tuesday night.

Stopping gun violence in Durham starts at a young age for Bull City Bulldogs Mentoring and Athletic Association. Director Fred Evans hopes to reach kids before they turn 12 through football and mentorship.

He said when it comes to stopping he wants police be more visible in communities, not just when something bad happens. Evans said the city needs to have more programs in place for youth.

“When there’s not a lot to do, a lot of times trouble finds you, and it’s hard to get out of once it finds you,” Evans said.

Shootings in Durham are slightly down this year, with 650 through November 5 compared to 690 during the same time last year, about a five percent decrease. The number of people shot during that time is down eight percent, 214 this year compared to 233 last year.

“Because I work closer with people in the parts where a lot of this is happening you don’t really see it as a drop in this or a drop in that, I mean like I said, one time is too many,” Evans said.

DeWarren K. Langley is the Executive Director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Foundation, which mentors young men of color and helps them succeed in school and find careers.

“In order for us to see the change in those shooting victims we have to change the trajectory in the lives of our young people to deter them from ever needing to pick up a gun in the first place,” Langley said.

Durham Police are asking anyone with information about the Sima Avenue shooting to reach out to them.