DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A search warrant revealed that a Durham suspect threw a backpack filled with oxycodone out of an apartment complex window.

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On Sept. 28, a Durham police officer was assisted U.S. Marshals in operation Wash Out. The search warrant says U.S. Marshals were conducting a search warrant at an apartment complex on Junction Road.

The officer stated that he was at the back of the apartment building when he saw Pablo Ortiz, 38, throw a blue backpack out of the back window of his residence. The officer looked inside the backpack and found more than 100 dosages of oxycodone wrapped in three separate plastic bags.

Once U.S. Marshals cleared the apartment for the wanted fugitive, Ortiz was arrested for throwing the pills out the window.

The search warrant revealed Ortiz’s roommate, Heriberto Solis Merlan, 50, was also arrested. It says Ortiz had keys to a Toyota Avalon in his pocket and the car was parked in front of the apartment.

Officers believed there was probable cause to conduct a search warrant of the vehicle for any other drugs or drug paraphernalia. The search warrant was executed on Sept. 28. The warrant did not indicate if officers seized any items from the vehicle.