Durham woman adopted in China finds biological sister in Philadelphia thanks to DNA test

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DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Two sisters 11 months apart never knew the other one existed until recently. Both were adopted in southern China to American families. Grace Farrow the oldest sister lives in Philadelphia and Maura Rooney, the youngest, lives in Durham.

“Grace was adopted when she was 6 months old. I was 11 months younger and adopted when I was 9 months old,” explained Rooney.

She bought a home DNA kit on a whim. The results changed her life.

“I just decided to take it for health reasons,” she said. “They have a new kit where you can see health indicators and that’s why I took it.”

She thought she getting a good deal. Through laughter, she said, “It was kinda on sale and I got the best deal for it. It was 50 percent off.”

A deal that helped her find her biological sister.

“It showed we have 52.6 percent shared DNA. It just showed her initials because she had privacy settings on it. It only showed GF rather than her whole name. So, what happens is you have to connect, like send a friend request. So, I waited a whole month to hear back from her,” Rooney recalled.

For Grace Farrow, who was on the other side of that request, she said at that moment she felt as if time stood still.

“I kind of froze at my screen for like 30 minutes, and it was there Maura Rooney predicts as your sister,” said Farrow in a FaceTime conversation with her now younger sister.

The FaceTime conversations were a part of their initial meet and greet and have now become their daily routine. The sisters make sure they talk every day.

They also met in person last month in Nashville. The two love country music — especially Thomas Rhett.

It was during that trip the sisters discovered even more of their similarities.

“I like to tell people you know how you make facial expressions, but you can never make your face expressions, and I feel like when I look at her she’s making my facial expressions,” said Farrow.

The two just clicked as if they’ve known each other their entire life.

Now they’re planning a big meet up with their families who all support this connection.

“We kind of want to create our own holiday and make it like a month. Maybe we can try and get our two families together,” continued Farrow.

Neither sister had a desire to look for any biological siblings. It just happened and now they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I was adopted but I never really looked for the past, but there it came,” said Rooney.

You can follow their journey on Facebook.

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