DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The Duke women’s volleyball team was back on their home court on Friday at Cameron Indoor Stadium, after one player says she was called racial slurs and even threatened during a recent away game.

On Friday, fans said it was all about showing support for the team.

“Really the general thing we’re trying to get across Duke, and the Black Duke community, is just support and making sure we show up for each other,” said Elasia Campbell, the United Black Athletes President.

Sophomore player Rachel Richardson says she was called racial slurs and even threatened during a game at Brigham Young University, while coaches and officials did nothing.

“I was a little upset honestly, I was upset with that school and our own, because I and other people felt like the game should have been paused until the person or perpetrators were removed from the area,” Campbell said.

BYU has since banned one fan that was possibly involved in the harassment, but the university police have since said there is no evidence that person was involved in any racial harassment.

Duke fans Friday said that has led people to discount what Richardson says happened.

“I think, any of these instances trying to invalidate these stories, kind of perpetuates the stigma that these instances can be swept under the rug,” said Isaiah Hamilton, the Black Student Alliance President.

Both Hamilton and Campbell say the accusations that it did not happen will not stop them from showing support.

“I guess I am just still going to believe the stories from the volleyball players, whatever they say, I’m going to have their back, we’re going to have their back,” Campbell said.

“There’s no real cause for any student-athlete to lie, especially a Black student-athlete in this instance, so we’re always going to stand with them,” Hamilton added.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.