DURHAM N.C. – The Durham Police Department said someone shot and killed 31-year-old Karla Jaramillo as she answered her door late last Tuesday night.

Jaramillo’s killing was one of six homicides in Durham last week alone.

“She was a selfless person and a God-led person as well,” Jaramillo’s friend, Lailah said.

Lailah considered Jaramillo more like family than just a friend.

“Considering Karla is older than me, she took on a big sister figure for me,” Lailah said.

On April 12, the two had dinner together.

“We ate dinner together at 8 o’clock. We had made tacos,” Lailah said.

But after Lailah left, she found out that just two hours later, someone shot and killed Jaramillo in her doorway on W. Carver Street.

Durham Police have not released any additional information on a motive or suspect in her killing.

Karla Jaramillo, 31, was killed in one of six homicides in Durham last week. Photo provided by her friend, Lailah.

“She didn’t deserve to go out the way she did being such a selfless person and sometimes people they are so filled with evil,” Lailah said.

Lailah said Jaramillo leaves behind children and she is currently raising money for her family to put together a celebration of life.

“I really have no words to say as to why someone would have such terrible viewpoints to her to want to kill her and in my opinion, there’s nothing that anybody could do to make you want to kill them,” Lailah said.

Jaramillo is one of many recent shooting victims in the city, which has raised the attention of city leaders and activists.

“Every time we turn around, we live in Durham, someone’s being murdered, people shooting at themselves, people shooting at others whether they die or not,” Lailah said.

The city’s police chief and mayor have both recently addressed the rise in crime and promised a safer Durham.

Mayor Elaine O’Neal said in her State of the City address Monday that she is looking to address the city’s crime through community outreach and increasing safer affordable housing.

“We are a city in pain and we are struggling to make sense of the violence we continue to witness,” O’Neal said.