DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — For many folks living in Durham, it can be hard to afford some of the rental costs. 

Janelle and her children moved from Ohio before becoming homeless. 

“Now, for over a year, me and my children have had our own home and it really makes a difference,” she said. “It’s happy for everyone. We’re not living street by street or meal by meal.”

She was able to find a townhome on North Holman Street that costs $370 a month. Soon, extra housing similar to hers will open just minutes away.

It’ll be an affordable complex located on Hardee Street. The first phase of construction has already begun.

“It’s harder and harder to serve folks if they’re getting pushed further out or there’s just no opportunity to save because every dime is going towards housing cost increases,” Self-Help Real Estate Project Manager Daniel Bullock said.

Hardee Street Apartments will include 132 affordable multi-family apartments. 

It’s scheduled to open in early 2025.

“We’re hoping to work with Housing for New Hope for referrals for folks who are either at risk or have been experiencing homelessness,” Bullock said.

The housing is reserved for households making 60 percent of the area median income, while some are reserved for those making 30 percent. In that case, that would include a family of four making just over $30,000 a year.

“We had the chance to purchase a car, a chance to pay for insurance and a chance to have our electric bill at zero,” Janelle said.

The remaining apartments are set aside for people with disabilities or those experiencing homelessness. It’s a resource Janelle believes could help people in situations she once faced.

“It was something that wasn’t imaginable when we paid $850 for rent when we paid $1,000 for rent,” she said.