DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The conversation to commemorate Hillside High School’s 100-year existence started a couple of years ago.

“I think when people come and understand the history of the school, they’ll have a better appreciation for what it is in the community,” said Dr. William Logan.

Logan is the principal at Hillside High School.

It’s the appreciation for the school that has led alumni to come up with the Hillside Centennial Timeline Project in the form of an installation.

“The installation will actually be a wall in our school that we have dedicated to the school’s 100-year history. It is being professionally installed. It’s not a mural,” explained Logan.

In 1922, Hillside High, then called Hillside Park High School, opened its doors.

It’s known as one of the oldest historically black high schools in North Carolina. Over the years, so many people have walked down those halls.

For instance, gospel singer Shirley Caesar, the late fashion journalist Andre Leon Talley and Durham’s current mayor, Elaine O’Neal.

(Nick Sturdivant / CBS 17)

The school also serves as a think tank for students when it comes to civil rights and equal educational opportunities.

It’s something Logan hopes this new project will be able to convey.

“We want to use it as an education tool to help our students better understand and appreciate the school’s history because a lot of them, their parents, their grandparents, their siblings, their aunts, their uncles, they know that they went to school here. But they don’t know why their parents are so adamant about them coming to coming here and it’s largely due to the school’s history,” said Logan.

So, far the National Alumni Association has raised more than $12,000 for the installation.

Their goal is to raise $17,000. The plan is to put the installation in place on Nov. 8.

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