DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Downed trees and power lines sit along the streets of Durham one day after a storm that took a 78-year-old woman’s life when a large tree struck her car. 

Cate Mills lives on South Buchanan Boulevard and is dealing with some of that damage right at home.

“I took a walk in the neighborhood this morning and saw that there are just trees down on every block,” she said.

As of Wednesday morning, at least 50 roads were either closed or without working stop lights, according to the police department.

Mills said she was outside when the storm hit and had a large branch fall down in her backyard.

“I could see the trees bending over sideways in the backyard, so I kind of hid in a corner for a couple of minutes while it passed,” she said.

On the east side of town, a large tree still sits in the middle of North Hyde Park Avenue, where Primer Long lives. 

He said he’s never seen damage like that so close to his house.

“It did hit the traffic and the neighborhood as far as the power,” Long said.

He is also one of thousands without power. But he’s just grateful no one on his block was hurt.

“This right here is a learning experience for everybody,” Long said. “You never know what could happen.”

Durham police say more roads may close as crews make repairs. 

“It just was really fast,” Mills said. “I think that was the difference is that we have big storms sometimes around here.”

Schools were canceled for many students across Durham Wednesday and Thursday because of the conditions. 

And with many homes without power, the county has opened up nearly all of its libraries as public cooling centers.

Many homes across the city are damaged and dozens of streets are still closed.

Law enforcement is telling people to stay vigilant as many of those roads are hazardous.