DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — From the brink of death to a second shot at life. The past year has been anything but easy for Matthew Moore, his wife Rachel, and their young son Marshall.

“In some ways, it feels longer, but in some ways, it feels much shorter,” Moore said.

“To watch my Facebook updates and to watch what was going on this time a year ago. We sit and we read it and then we reread the comments of people who were praying for him so much. It has just been crazy all of the love and support,” his wife Rachel said.

Around this time last year, Moore became the first person in the United States to receive a new generation artificial heart as part of a clinical trial at Duke Hospital.

Moore experienced heart failure last June. The condition was so severe his heart stopped at least two times.

Fast forward to just three days before Thanksgiving — doctors replaced the artificial heart with a donor heart.

“Man, it has actually been really, really good! I have many pills to take every day for sure. But that has weened down a lot,” Moore said. “But the day-to-day is really good. I’m able to get up steps now. Walk around. Take my son to school every morning. Cook dinner for us. Basically, live a much more normal life than I was able to last year.”

Moore continues to have routine check-ins with his doctor in Durham.

“Functioning wise he’s doing amazing. It is like you would never know,” said Rachel Moore.

As things look up for the Moore family, Moore said his message to everyone is to prioritize and maintain your health.

“Get yourself checked out. That is the main thing. Because I feel like a lot of this could’ve been prevented,” said Moore, who lives in Brunswick County at the coast.

The Moore family said their story inspired friends and family to go to the doctor to get checkups.