DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – A pair of newcomers will represent Durham, while another candidate keeps her seat after the people voted on Tuesday.

Residents chose Leonardo Williams as mayor-elect, and voted to fill three City Council seats.

Javiera Caballero is a returning Council member. Nate Baker and Carl Rist will fill the other two seats.

Standing in front of City Hall a day after the election, CBS 17 asked both of Durham’s newest Council members how the city will be different with them in office.

Baker finished as the top vote-getter with almost 24,000 ballots cast in his favor. Born and raised in Durham, he’s a former planning commissioner.

“We heard the issues,” Baker said. “That’s what we built our platform on, a people’s platform. Invest in parks and recreation. Make sure that we have a safer city and safer streets and neighborhoods for everyone. Make our city more walkable and end the sprawl.”

Finishing in third place and taking the last open City Council seat, Rist has lived in Durham for over 30 years and said he has a policy-based background.

“Part of my campaign was about shared economic prosperity,” Rist said. “We need to do more to make sure all people in Durham have living wage jobs, the chance to build family wealth. Those are debates we need to make sure the Council gets back to because so much of what we’re seeing in Durham is a real challenge of people of Durham growing apart.”

Incumbent Javiera Caballero received the second most votes and has sat on Council since 2018.

“We’re going to keep pushing a progressive vision in Durham,” Caballero said at her election night watch party. “We’re going to keep pushing on affordable housing. We’re going to keep pushing on immigrant refugee issues. We’re going to ensure we are the progressive beacon of the south.”

Now that Leonardo Williams is moving from City Council to mayor, another new Council member will be appointed.