DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — One Durham shopping center has seen more than its fair share of police officers and yellow tape since the summer.

In late August, a man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a tobacco and vape shop.

On Monday, police say the Domino’s Pizza next door was hit with two stray bullets during a shooting that resulted in no injuries.

Nate Gordon works at the neighboring laundromat.

“I thought Durham kind of moved away from all this, but I have no clue how to make things safer,” he said.

One day later on Tuesday night, 23-year-old Mario Canseco Lopez was shot and killed near the same corner of Hillsborough and Cole Mill roads.

Employees at the same tobacco and vape shop say the victim came into the store while bleeding.

“It makes the area a little bit more unsafe knowing that these things are happening in our own backyard,” said Antavious Talley, who works at a business in the shopping center.

Some employees at the smoke shop tell CBS 17 the recent shootings have been upsetting, and they have security cameras aimed at providing a sense of safety.

“It’s just kind of scary now coming here,” Gordon said. “I never thought of this place as a violent place and now I kind of think of it as it.”

Investigators are still searching for a person believed to be involved in Tuesday’s deadly shooting.

“I encourage people to go with caution every day because they never know when something like this will happen,” Talley said.

Durham police said that officers have increased patrols in the area to address and deter crime.

“If people would start trying to be more proactive as to destructive, then life would be a little bit easier,” Talley said.

Some nearby employees say the increased presence of officers provides at least a feeling of security.