DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The ponytail and 5-foot-2 inch stature might give it away.

Yes, that is a girl playing on the Durham School of the Arts baseball team.

Addie King is an All-State softball player who felt the need to challenge her ball-diamond skills.

“Playing on a team where people are better than you helps you grow,” King said. “So I wanted to try baseball so it would, in hindsight, grow my softball skills.”

And her teammates?

Teenage boys can be a bit unpredictable to say the least, King hints.

“I know it may surprise other teams a little bit, but for us, we just see her as part of the team and it’s been going great so far,” Bulldogs senior Max Rosselli said.

King is not a sideshow.

She starts at second base and plays catcher as well for the Durham School of the Arts.

Still, the sight of a girl playing baseball is hard for some to get used to.

“Rude looks or mumbling under their breath,” King said of the reaction she has received from opposing teams. “At one of the ends of the game when we were shaking hands some of them chose not to shake my hand, including a coach.”

King said she was disappointed in the reaction she received, but is not deterred. Her sights are firmly set on using the game of baseball to further her softball skills. Playing college softball is the goal, nad baseball is an avenue to help her get there.

“She’s small, she’s small compared to the boys,” Durham School of the Arts head coach Mike Masinick said. “But she is feisty and she knows the game really well. She has very quick hands and she has adjusted incredibly well to baseball.”

Natalie King, Addie’s mother, was skeptical at first upon hearing of her daughter’s plans to play baseball.

But now, just one month into the adventure, is happy with how things have worked out.

“It’s really cool, to be honest with you,” Natalie King said. “I didn’t know how the players, the coaches, the parents would react to this and they’ve been nothing but wonderful.”

For Addie, there’s no turning back now.

“At first it was a little bit of a struggle with the different angles and the size of the ball,” she said. [The] different color and the guys attitude is definitely different than the girls, but it’s great and I enjoy it a lot.”