RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N. That’s what the Bethesda Elementary School community hopes Frank Dumas will be. The fourth grader has qualified for the Scripps National Spelling Bee in June.

“All you really have to do is study a lot,” Frank said when asked what advice he has for other children wanting to compete in spelling bees.

Dumas’ classmates are cheering him on as he trains his brain for the big day. His principal, Shaneeka Moore-Lawrence, said he’s the first from the school to make it this far.

“I was cheering, yelling, and screaming. He was just real modest and humble. He was excited in his own cool way,” Moore-Lawrence said.

Frank and his twin, Ana, got their start spelling through the language learning app Duolingo.

“I just wanted to learn French because I figured out my last name was French and there’s a street called it,” Ana said.

They started seeing new words in English on the app. Their mom encouraged the twins to learn those words too. It lead them to learn definitions and the roots of the word. Then came the class spelling bee.

“He won the spelling bee, went on the fourth grade spelling bee and moved on to the school spelling bee,” Kenya Dumas, Frank’s mother said.

He went on to the virtual regionals where he won, again.

“It made me more confident actually because I wasn’t in front of people,” said Frank.

His mother told CBS 17, “He predicted he was going to get 49 out of 50 questions right and he got 49 out of 50 questions right.”

Frank Dumas, Frank’s father, said he’s always been impressed with what his kids can do.

“Its been great watching him progress. He always has confidence, he always like challenges,” Frank said. He’ll be working to double word study time when the competition nears.

The next challenge will put him against 560 other spellers. If he makes it to the semifinals, he’ll get onto the big stage where actor LeVar Burton is hosting.

“We grew up with Reading Rainbow. I don’t think they have a clue what it is,” Kenya said.

“They have definitely shown the importance of family engagement, student work habits, students working hard,” Moore-Lawrence said.

The championship is in Washington D.C. the week of Memorial Day. Until then, Frank said, “I’m studying a bunch and I’ll see what happens,” the fourth grader said.