DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – A couple in Durham lost nearly everything after a house fire destroyed their home this week.

Katie Clifton is thankful her husband Al woke her up before the smoke alarm even went off. The fire happened around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday at their home on Pennock Road.

“I wanted to go back in, you know, so I could see what I could get out of the home, or get my husband a coat because he came out of the house without one, and I just realized I couldn’t do that,” Clifton said.

She was able to save some earrings and her wedding ring. Through the rain Thursday, the Cliftons worked to save more, but for the most part, everything is gone.

“You look around and [look for] the items you’re used to, you don’t see them anymore,” Clifton said.

What Clifton does see are signs of hope.

Dinner brought over by a neighbor, friends coming over to support her and her neighbor, Elizabeth Taylor, who is letting the couple stay in a home her family owns down the street that no one is currently living in.

“I’m grateful that they can stay here as long as they want,” Taylor said.

Clifton’s thankful for the support she has received, too.

“For the most part everybody has been so wonderful; my neighbors, they are the best,” Clifton said. “Our insurance agent said he’s never seen a neighborhood come together like this.”

The road ahead is long.

On Thursday, Clifton was wearing shoes she purchased with emergency money from her insurance company. Shoes are just one of the small things the couple needs.

The Durham Fire Department said the fire was caused by a lamp used to keep equipment from freezing.

Hidden in the rubble of the home are the Christmas decorations that Clifton hung a few weeks ago — a reminder that Christmas is just a few days away.

“Well, I haven’t thought much about Christmas, kind of just dealing with the here and now,” Clifton said. “I’m thankful to be living to see another Christmas.”

The Clifton’s lived in the home for more than two decades.

Clifton isn’t sure what’s next for the house as she continues to work through options with her insurance company, but she does hope to stay on Pennock Road because it’s home.