DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — John Allore went to work every day as the City of Durham’s budget director.

But in his time off, one of his former theatre directors said Allore was an artist.

“If somebody put a gun to my head and said ‘tell me who the best actor in the Triangle is,’ I would take about half a second to say John Allore,” said Jerome Davis, Burning Coal Theatre Company’s artistic director.

Allore, 59, took a bicycle ride early Thursday morning when the North Carolina State Highway Patrol reports he was struck by a vehicle and killed in Orange County.

On Friday, some of his former colleagues looked back at Allore’s time acting with the Burning Coal Theatre Company, among other groups.

“If you spent five minutes in the theatre community here, you heard his name and heard about his most recent endeavors,” Davis said.

Angela Santucci acted on stage right alongside him.

“When I learned that I had been cast in a show that he was going to be in, I was definitely intimidated,” she said. “His light shone so brightly, so brightly for so long. … He’s just mesmerizing on stage and a total professional.”

On top of his theatre work, Allore was a true crime blogger and podcaster.

He even co-wrote a book about his quest to find answers after his sister’s unsolved murder in the 1970s.

“To also pursue justice for his sister for so many years, in addition to everything else he did, is incredible,” Santucci said.

“He wanted the moment to tell him what to do, and those are the good ones,” Davis said. “Those are the ones that we as directors cherish.”

Troopers say a car driven by Karen Denisse Maldonaldo, 26, of Efland, was headed in the same direction and hit Allore in the back after failing to reduce her speed. Maldonaldo is charged with failure to reduce speed and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, troopers said.

Durham City Manager Wanda Page called Allore “the ultimate professional” and praised him as “a dedicated and passionate public servant” who had been with the city since 1999 and took over as budget management services director in January 2022.

City council member Jillian Johnson said Allore worked for the City of Durham for 24 years. She posted about his death Friday morning.

“It’s crazy to talk about John in the past tense,” she wrote in a tweet. “He was friendly, funny, kind, helpful, and so dedicated to making sure our budget reflected our values and our community needs. We are all going to miss him.”

City council member Leonardo Williams also posted about Allore’s death Thursday night on social media. Williams asked for prayers for the city and the staff in his tweet.

“John was a dedicated public servant, a loving father of three daughters, & a loyal friend,” officials shared on social media.