DURHAM N.C. (WNCN) — A woman is pleading for help in finding her dog after she said someone took him and drove off in the middle of the day Sunday.

Lori Wiggins said her boyfriend was playing with 17-month-old Rugar, a “Pocket Bully,” behind a family member’s house on Pennock Road just before noon when Rugar ran to the driveway.

“It wasn’t that he was unsupervised in any way. It wasn’t that he was neglected or not watched,” Wiggins said. “The leash slipped and in less than 3 minutes he was gone.”

That’s when Wiggins said a blue, four-door sedan sped off from the end of the driveway and her dog was gone.

“So after trying to call him a few times [I realized], ‘holy smokes, they just took him’,” Wiggins said. “After the extensive searching and everything, we can only conclude that he was taken.”

She reported the incident to the Durham County Sheriff’s Office and animal control. Wiggins also said she, along with friends and family, has checked with local shelters with no luck.

Wiggins said she recently adopted Rugar in January.

“He was well taken care of and he was finally starting to come out of his shell in the last couple of weeks,” Wiggins said. “Please bring Rugar home. I’ll meet you anywhere, any time, any day. I don’t care. No questions asked. I just want my dog back.”

Rugar is light brown, 50 pounds, neutered and not chipped. He was last seen with a chain collar and harness.