DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – May 1 was “May Day Workers Powers March” in Durham and many workers from popular chains like Amazon, Starbucks, and even health care joined together to demand equal pay for all.

The group, which seeks a $15 per hour minimum, marched from Lakewood Avenue to Hillside Park Sunday afternoon where they gathered and heard speeches from other social groups demanding a change.

“It’s so many different organizations out here, we’re all fighting for the same cause. Everybody, no separate organization, we all come together as one. And we all get a chance to talk and tell their stories. That what this is all about — tell your story,” Mama Cookie told CBS 17.

Group leaders say as the cost of living continues to skyrocket across the country and it’s time for the average paying wage to rise as well.

Those who attended the march gave their reasoning for wanting to take a stance.

“It’s important for workers to know they don’t stand alone. It can be very terrifying when you’re having a union drive at your workplace and you think you might get punished for it. So, when there’s a demonstration like this where a lot of people get together, it can be sort of a message of inspiration that you’re not alone we’re fighting together,” Andrew Rightenburg said.

Next, the group will be traveling to Washington, D.C. on June 18 to demand a declaration and support for average Americans who the group says are suffering while earning minimum wage.

“The cost of gas, food and housing have dramatically increased, resulting in real wage cuts for workers. Workers find it increasingly impossible to afford rent in Durham with skyrocketing housing costs, driven to maximize developers’ profits. We have always been essential workers, but the global pandemic highlighted our critical role in society, yet we still don’t get the respect we deserve with dignified wages and safety. We demand collective bargaining rights for all workers!” the group Leaders said in a news release.