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Experts recommend surge protectors during lightning-heavy summertime

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - North Carolina experiences about half of a million lightning strikes a year, and 80 percent of them happen in the summer.

Lightning happens more often in July than any other month, according to Jonathan Blase with the National Weather Service in Raleigh.

"Lightning is extremely powerful," he said. "It's something that is very difficult to protect yourself from."

When a storm rolls through, the best place is to be is inside.


"Lightning is a very mysterious thing," Rapid Repair Experts General Manager David Dombrowski said.

Before it strikes, electricians suggest several ways to protect your home.

Dombrowski recommended a high-level surge protector. They can be bought at any big-box store.

"These are meant to be plugged in to your high-end stereos, your TVs, your home theater, your computers, and they will protect it for this," Dombrowski said.

It usually carries a level of insurance for those items, but won't protect your bigger appliances. Dombrowski said a whole house surge protector would.

"It will protect it. It will absolutely protect your home," Dombrowski said.

It has to be installed in your breaker box by a licensed electrician.

"If a surge should come through your main line, lightning should hit nearby, it stops it at the box," Dombrowski said.

Surge protectors are different than power strips, which are basically large extension cords that don't protect homes.

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