ROCKY MOUNT, NC (WNCN) – The family of a 20-year-old man that was killed in a drive-by shooting in Rocky Mount is speaking out.

Javonta Crandall was identified as the victim of the Thursday shooting and his family says he had his whole life ahead of him.

“I’m just very hurt and emotional this morning. I lost my baby boy,” his mother Kim Crandall said.

Crandall stood with tears in her eyes as police gathered evidence from the scene of a day she says she will never forget.

“I got a call that he didn’t make it. And he had just enrolled back in school at Nash Community College,” she said.

She told CBS17 that her son was just getting his life back on track. She said he was looking forward to going back to school and excited to celebrate Mother’s Day with his family.

“He came to me the other night and said ‘Ma we going to church Sunday’ and I was just so proud to hear him say that,” she said as tears rushed down her cheeks.

According to Rocky Mount police, the drive-by shooting happened around 8:30 Thursday morning at the intersection of Sunset Avenue and May Drive.

Police said Crandall, who was shot while in the passenger side of a sedan, died at the scene.

The driver was shot in the hand and taken to a nearby hospital for his injuries.

The victim’s mother and older brother, Janva Crandall, said he was dropping off his car at a shop and was riding back home with a friend.

His mother said if she had picked him up he probably would still be alive.

They said the gun violence in Rocky Mount has gotten out of hand. But they’re forever grateful for the time he was in their lives.

“The last thing he said, when he went out of the house this morning, I told him to be careful and I love him. He said ‘mama I love you too.’ So those words I will always remember,” his mother said.

“My brother had issues just like anybody else. He’s a kid. He was only 20-years-old,” Janava Crandall said.

We asked the family what they would say if they could talk to the people responsible for the deadly shooting.

“I just want you to see what you did to our family bruh. You took a strong part of our family away. Justice always going to prevail. Even if you don’t get caught you will have your day, you’ll have your time, you’ll have your place,” the victim’s brother said.

Rocky Mount police said the double shooting is still under investigation and if anyone has any additional details that could help, please contact police by contacting them immediately.

Crandall’s family that police are also reviewing surveillance video.