RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Feb. 2023 here in the Triangle will go down as the warmest on record, as records dates back to 1887.

The average temperature, calculated using both the morning low temperatures and afternoon high temperatures, came in at 54 degrees. This tops 2017’s 53.3 degrees, which was previously the warmest Feb. in the Triangle.

It’s also important to note that the “normal” average February temperature is 44.9 degrees, meaning this year’s 54 degrees is more than nine degrees warmer than normal.

In addition to the warmest Feb. on record, this winter, Dec. through Feb., is the third-warmest on record, and the warmest winter in more than 90 years. Winter 2022-23 had an average temperature of 48.9 degrees.

The only winters warmer than this one were 1931-32 with an average temperature of 51.3 degrees, and 1889-1890 when the average temperature was 52.6 degrees.

We’ll begin the month of March with above-normal temperatures, but temperatures will trend cooler than average eight to fourteen days out, with highs forecast to be in the mid to upper 50s. The average high temperature to start March is 59 degrees. By March 31, the average high temperature will be 68 degrees.

What about snowfall amounts this year? We’ve lacked that this year due to this year’s winter warmth. We recorded a trace of snowfall at RDU this season. It has been 395 days since the Raleigh area recorded more than a trace of snowfall.

The majority of the snow falls in January and February. It is still possible we could squeeze out a little more snow this season but the chance is lowering.