Flight attendant believes she contracted COVID-19

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CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — Multiple states across the country have issued stay-at-home orders, but that hasn’t stopped many people from taking advantage of cheap flights.

“I think it’s going to get stricter for people to really understand how bad this is,” said flight attendant Stephanie Hall.

After 30 years in the sky as a flight attendant, Stephanie Hall has spent the last few weeks grounded in her Cary home because she believes she had an unconfirmed case of COVID-19.

“I had excruciating pain just in the right side of my chest,” said Hall. “I couldn’t even hardly walk to the refridgerator because it hurt so badly. The doctor said I had pneumonia, and they put me on all kinds of medicine.”

After self-quarantining for two weeks she felt better.

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“I was isolated I couldn’t go anywhere,” said Hall. “I stayed in my house I didn’t even see my neighbors across the street.”

However, a nagging cough lead her to get checked.

“You would’ve thought I had the plague,” said Hall. “It was the first case at this facility.”

Thankfully, Hall tested negative for coronavirus.

“I hope and pray I never carried it to anybody,” said Hall.

Seventeen of Hall’s coworkers weren’t as lucky, including one man who died from complications of COVID-19.

“I really believe that anybody that carries anyone on the airplane we’re very succeptable to it,” said Hall.

With that said Hall believes the airlines are making their employees health a priority, but she says one group continues to put everyone at risk.

“The people who are getting the $16 tickets to Cancun should be banned from flying,” said Hall. We’re all putting our lives on the line.”

Since she still has a cough Hall says she decided to take a leave of absence for the month of April as a precautionary measure, but she looks forward to the day that it’s safe to get back in the sky.

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